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1.How may leisure tourism be also called? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
2.(to be) there any escort with this tour group? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
3.Are you fond of traveling at all? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
4.There (to be) some major tour operator in this country. ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
5.Is your English getting better? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
6.(to be) there any tourist companies in your city? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
7.What does the front office consist of? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
8.Are you going to take work as a tour operator after graduation? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
9.Are foreign languages essential in tourism business? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
10.(to be) there any new tour packages to London in your agency? ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ
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